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  • Prague to Budapest aboard a River Boat

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    One of our most popular trips is Prague to Budapest aboard a River Boat on the Danube River.  We offer this trip through a number of different suppliers such as Viking, AMA Waterways, Uniworld and Avalon to name a few. There are so many choices because this is such a popular itinerary.  When I took this trip it was an eye opener because I had never been aboard a river boat before.  It is amazing to travel through the cities and on the river instead of across an immense ocean. You get immersed in the culture and can really feel the beat of the cities as you explore each one. The river boat is an intimate form of travel compared to the cruise ships of today.  Of course one of my favorite cities was Vienna but I really enjoyed Prague before we set off on our cruise as well.  I have not had an opportunity to do another river cruise but I would most definitely consider it if the opportunity arises.

  • Travel to India

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    Taj Mahal

    India is an amazing country with so much to see.  I went there with the express mission of seeing the Taj Mahal but with the care of Karen's planning we saw what is considered The Golden Triangle.  Dan is in India now and will have more to add to this blog I am sure when he returns.  My mother and I traveled from Delhi to Agra to Jaipur with a single driver and different guides in every city.  We traveled with Cox and King Tour Company and we were treated like royalty almost.  Although we had to have a number of vaccinations to travel to India, Cox and King saw that we were safe and comfortable the whole trip.  We saw beautiful mosques and temples and of course we saw the Taj Mahal.  We finished our trip in Dubai which was almost culture shock to the old ways in India.  Dubai is new and expansive and brilliant and a wonder to see in itself but it is so different from India. If you have a chance to go to India I would highly recommend it but I would recommend a tour of the sort that I took so you are safe and well taken care of the whole time you are in the country.

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