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Dan Howell Travel has been in business since 2003 directed by Dan who had 15 years’ experience as an agent prior to starting his own company. The travel agents working with Dan are Karen, with 30 years’ experience, Ray, who excels at putting together foreign individual travel for all who require it, and Jodi who has been in the business for many years. The combined travel experience and work experience of the agents at Dan Howell Travel are what have made the company extremely successful and very popular with their consistently returning and their new clients. We believe that experience with the destinations is as important as sending our clients to them so our agents have a wide travel experience and are ever striving to increase their knowledge of the world.

Dan Howell Travel serves a very wide and diverse clientele. We book for all customers but we also cater to the needs of special interest groups. Whenever we have a special interest group you will find a Dan Howell representative with the group guiding specially designed shore excursions, making special pre and post arrangements, as well as throwing either a special welcome party or a specially designed party during the trip. 

Dan Howell Travel, www.danhowelltravel.com, can be reached at 866-541-2187. Dan’s email is dan@danhowelltravel.com, Karen’s Karen@danhowelltravel.com,  Ray Ray@danhowelltravel.com, and Jodi Jodi@danhowelltravel.com  We do not charge for our services except a small fee for airline tickets. However if there is ever a problem with that ticket we are there to take care of you and it!

Dan Howell

President of Dan Howell Travel had over 15 years of Travel Agency Management experience before opening Dan Howell Travel in the Northside region of Cincinnati in 2003.

Dan has traveled extensively throughout the world and loves to share his experiences and destination knowledge. He has served on the board of directors of several international travel organizations and has built a solid network of travel supplier contacts throughout the world.

All of our expertise in the various areas of travel allows us to arrange travel plans to fit your needs. We are committed to giving you the best service possible while providing you the best travel values available.dan@danhowelltravel.com

Karen Dyke

Karen has been creating vacations of a lifetime since 1987. She has been a valuable member of the Dan Howell Travel team since 2005. Karen specializes in Alaska, Hawaii and airline tickets although she is highly qualified to work with any destination. If you want to plan a spectacular honeymoon Karen is the agent to work with. Karen also has an eclectic knowledge of the world and uses her knowledge to bring a comprehensive knowledge to her work with her clients.  The picture is Karen and her husband at Iquazu Falls. Karen@danhowelltravel.com

Ray Fortna

Ray comes to Dan Howell Travel after a very successful career at Proctor and Gamble. He works primarily with FIT's, (Foreign Individual Travel), because of his wide range of knowledge of the world and his amazing skills at organization and communication. Ray has been with Dan Howell Travel since 2014.  He has already built a loyal clientele and works both efficiently and effectively with both his current and new clients. He plans trips step by step making sure that the client is taken care of at each stop and in each country. He has become an extremely valuable member of the DHT team. Please feel free to contact him with any questions as well as Dan or Karen as he either knows the answer or will get it to you quickly.  Ray@danhowelltravel.com


Jodi Petty

Jodi has been working at Dan Howell Travel since April 2016 and is most likely the one that you will get when you call. She has worked off and on in the travel industry for over 10 years. Jodi is very knowledgeable about making reservations and she loves taking care of our clients. Making sure that our clients are happy and get the information that they need for their trip is very important to her. Although she is not a travel consultant and does not have all of the hands on, personal travel experience, she is a pro at office administration and customer service. If you have questions about travel insurance, what cruises are on the calendar or simply have a question about your reservation, she is happy to help.  Jodi@danhowelltravel.com


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